The Price Is Right Hires Rob Wilson As Its First Male Model

The Price is Right is breaking tradition after decades of featuring female models. After a long competition, the CBS program has hired its first sinewy male to present products onstage. On Saturday, CBS announced Boston native Rob Wilson as the competition’s winner.

In the past, The Price is Right has not had the best track record with its models, having dealt with sexual harassment lawsuits and other controversies. It was about time the show added a dude to its rotating cast of models, and creating a contest that would be featured online and could be followed by fans of the show was a great way to get the populace invested in the endeavor.

The contest lasted through September, and just a few days ago The Price Is Right decided only three models/ actors had the potential stage presence to win. Clink Brink, Nick Denbeigh, and Wilson all made it to the finals, but ultimately, it was Wilson who came away with the win. The 24-year-old model will appear on the show beginning on October 15, and his stint will last for at least one week. So, it sounds like if Wilson figures out how to properly showcase products, and audiences are down with the changeover to include dudes, he could even earn a more permanent gig out of the deal. At the very least, hopefully this will open the door for more diversity in the models on CBS’ hit game show.

You can check out Wilson’s skill set in the contest webisodes

Photo credit @CBS

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