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Prison Helps Break Into K-Ville

Remember the good old days when the television season began in Autumn and end in Spring. Remember when the last episode to your favorite show aired and you were kept in suspense all summer long to find out what happened on the shows premier episode. Those were the days when television was really exciting and kept to a basic schedule.

But, TV doesn’t quite work the way that it used to. A new TV series will start at any given moment, and an existing series might start on some obscure date. Lately, TV is confusing. But to keep viewers on the up and up television studios are using Web as a new way to market and inform viewers of their new and existing series.

So, instead of sitting around the boob tube to catch the first episode of Prison Break this season (What was the rest of Michael’s message to Sara?), you can catch part of it on the web as Fox promotes yet another police drama. According to The Hollywood Reporter , Fox Broadcasting Co. said Thursday that along with the first 17 minutes of Prison Break that it is offering the series premiere of K-Ville online ahead of its broadcast debut.

“Great!” You say, “But, what is K-Ville?” The new program is 20th Century Fox’s new police drama that takes place in chaotic post Katrina New Orleans. Basically the show depicts a no holds barred police force that chases down notorious criminals reeking havoc on the beloved city. It sounds pretty cool. But just to insure all viewers out there that it is, Fox has made it possible that K-Ville can be seen commercial free for a short time on News Corp. portals and along with, Yahoo, and others.

Basically this is a nice new way of getting viewers addicted to a new television show while getting a quick fix of the old one. If viewers begin their addiction on-line and then Fox cuts them off, they have no choice but to tune in. Smart little Foxes aren’t they.

Even though I miss the days when I had to flip through the TV guide or watch Entertainment tonight to get those exclusive clips of new and old series, I don’t mind checking out the Web for exclusive episodes either. I mean, what else do we do during down time at work?

K Ville premieres September 17th on Fox. Prison Break will begin its third season Monday August 27th. Both are 20th Century Fox Television productions.