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Rainn Wilson Talks To Leno About The Dwight Spin-Off, Shares An Office Clip

The Office has left us hanging, and will continue to do so for the next couple of weeks (tonight’s and next week’s episodes are reruns), but Rainn Wilson made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, and a clip was featured which shows how Dwight will be dealing with the Nellie situation.

Before that, Wilson briefly joked about Dwight taking over NBC, starting with his spin-off. The project, titled The Farm, is actually only in the pilot stage at the moment, but should things go well, we may see a full-on Dwight-themed spin-off series. And then we get a look at Dwight as he offers a pretty major over-share to Nellie.

I want to meet more Schrutes. I sort of have this mental picture in my mind of what the family could be like, and in my imagination, Dwight is actually the most normal out of all of them. There’s potential for something really bizarre in a pilot things this...

As for The Office, it’s good to see Dwight adapting so well, and I’m curious to see how Nellie reacts to that last bit about the blanket.

(Via It looks like the next new episode of The Office doesn’t air until April 12. ?

Kelly West
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