Ramsay Shares Cooking Tips In Honor Of Hell's Kitchen's 100th Episode

Gordon Ramsay has cause to celebrate as his popular culinary competition series Hell’s Kitchen is hitting the 100th episode mark. In honor of the milestone, fans will get to see a special episode this Wednesday and Ramsay’s sharing some kitchen tips, which we have here.

Eight season’s and the show’s still going strong… or at the very least, Ramsay has had no shortage of culinary master-wannabes to scream at on camera. You can watch the special 100th episode this Wednesday. In the meantime, below is a list of cooking tips from Ramsay.

CHEF RAMSAY’S COOKING TIPS• Prepare for Success – Before you begin cooking a dish, have all your ingredients prepared and ready to use.• Patience Is A Virtue – When cooking a steak, be patient and make sure the pan is sizzling hot before adding the meat. This ensures a perfectly seared meat.• The Spice of Life – Always keep garlic ready to use in the freezer. Blitz a few cloves in the blender and freeze them in an ice cube tray. They’re perfect for use in sauces and stews.• Don’t Be Wasteful – After cooking chicken, fish or beef, don’t toss the leftover bones – they are key to making perfectly flavored stock! Simmer the bones in water with a carrot, an onion, several peppercorns and a bay leaf for one to two hours.• Keep It Hot, Hot, Hot! – Never open the oven when baking. The cold air will sink your cake.

As I’m married to a professional cook, I’m familiar with some of the above tips. I’ve often found strange things frozen in the ice-cube tray and bags of meat-scraps in the freezer. And on occasion I've been given brief lectures on searing meat and on the importance of not opening the oven “just to check.” His strange culinary habits are a small price to pay for the food he cooks. Tips like these can go a long way!

For more cooking tips from some of the current and past contestants of Hell’s Kitchen, click here.

The 100th episode of HELL'S KITCHEN airing Wednesday, Oct. 13 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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