Revenge Watch: Episode 15 - Chaos

Well, that’s that! We waited months to find out what happened on the beach and while we don’t have all the answers, we did get a big one tonight! Loyalties were tested, a major question was answered, a few characters returned, and now we have to wait two weeks to find out what happens next!

In terms of the pacing of tonight’s episode, I can’t say that I was on the edge of my seat. Even with the opener, which showed a tuxedo’ed body falling slowly toward the sand, the episode resumed at a relatively normal pace. Well, normal for Revenge. Other shows might not consider prescription drug abuse, secret warehouses used for scheming, and guns being brought to a formal party to be especially “normal.” But that’s why we love Revenge.

We’ll start with the obvious...

Daniel’s alive! All this time, they had us thinking it was Daniel who was shot on the beach. Ok, there have been enough rumors out there suggesting that this may not be the case, but even so, I felt especially nervous that Daniel would die. At the start of the season, the thought of the then-unknown fiancé meeting his demise on the beach wasn’t exactly devastating, but we’ve slowly gotten to know him and he’s actually a decent human being. Plus, he’s in love with Emily. He wants to take her to Paris. That’s probably way out of the question now, considering he was just spotted on the beach with blood all over him, while his old school chum lay (presumably) dead in the sand.

It’s hard to feel sad for Tyler. He’s been painted as a villain from the start, and his being the “victim” was probably the best possible scenario, character-wise. Of course, his death raises a whole new mystery, because we don’t know who killed Tyler. We do know it wasn’t Jack, since our eyes were on him running toward the beach when the shots went off. And that’s about all we can be sure of at this point.

Who Shot Tyler?!

High on my list of “suspects” is Satoshi. For one thing, he seemed to show up in the episode early on, unbeknownst to Emily, which means he might have his own agenda (which is hopefully, to help Emily), and he set up a meeting with Daniel earlier, but for what purpose? Maybe to feel Daniel out to see what his true intentions were? If so, Daniel practically handed that to him on a silver platter when he essentially pushed the man’s money away, announcing that he had other plans with his fiancé that didn’t involve working at his family’s business.

And then there’s the thing Satoshi said about Emily’s questions being answered. After giving her a gift, which was presumably the recovered Infinity box that Tyler stole, and telling her to go bury it in the sand, he told her when she came back, all of her questions would be answered. Questions meaning the whereabouts of Tyler and Amanda? She did find out where Tyler was (on the beach with bullets in him!) and it’s possible the knowing nod he gave her later on was to let her know that he had the Amanda situation handled. Jack had sent Amanda to his truck, telling her the keys were in it, but when Amanda got to it, the keys were gone. Was that Satoshi’s doing? Later on, he did conveniently come upon her while she just so happened to be in need of a ride.

Now, I’m not sure Satoshi could have known in advance that Jack was going to show up or Amanda, for that matter, but it’s possible he had people on the beach or following Tyler. Or maybe I’m giving him too much credit. The truth is, he’s the biggest question mark right now. So my theories are leaning toward the unknown.

Of course, it could have been Daniel or Amanda. Amanda had reason to go after Tyler. While her loyalty toward Emily wavered, she came back around when Tyler revealed that Emily framed him for Frank-the-security-guy’s death. As that was Amanda’s doing, learning that her friend pushed the blame onto someone else made her realize her mistake. So maybe she killed Tyler to keep him from killing Daniel. After all, she knew his plan.

Daniel could have been the one to kill Tyler, assuming he somehow managed to get his hands on the gun. Perhaps the first shot fired was Tyler shooting at him but it missed, and during that pause between one-shot and two-shots, Daniel managed to get the gun away from him and shoot Tyler.

Pretty much everyone else was seen at the party, both before and after, except for maybe Edward Grayson. Did anyone see him around during the toast? There’s a chance the shooter snuck out, killed Tyler and snuck back during the toast. There’s also the possibility of a random like Lydia or someone else looking to get revenge on Emily (for getting revenge on them) by framing her fiancé. Or it could be someone even more random, in that it’s a character that hasn’t appeared yet.

We have plenty of time to obsess over whodunnit, and it’s truly a beautiful way to replace the beach-shooting with another delicious mystery.

Other interesting developments:

Charlotte is taking prescription pain killers that she stole from Jack and Declan’s medicine cabinet. She was going to go to therapy to deal with learning that Conrad’s not her father and that her bio-father was a convicted terrorist funder. Then Edward talked her out of it, first by trying to convince her to help protect the family business, which would surely suffer if word got out of Victoria’s affair. Normally I’d say that the secret should be safe in the hands of a therapist, but we’ve already learned that that’s not always the case. Charlotte did exchange therapy for Edward’s offer to get Declan into her fancy prep school. That may ensure the continuation of their relationship beyond this season (assuming there is one), once Charlotte leaves the Hamptons. But at the price of her emotional stability?

Jack was trying to leave to do some charity/volunteer work. He had his boat all ready to go, and maybe since it’s Labor Day, he was planning on shutting the Stowaway down? Anyway, that didn’t happen and now maybe it won’t, especially if he’s called in to be questioned for Tyler’s death, assuming anyone has any idea he was there. Declan and Charlotte were the only two (that we saw) who might have seen him. While it’s unlikely that his brother would rat him out, would Charlotte say something?

Amanda was last seen climbing into Satoshi Takeda’s car, thinking she’d hit some luck in finding a ride. Is he going to take her anywhere specific? Also, was Amanda shot? We know Tyler shot at her when she was running away from the warehouse place. And Jack found blood on his hand after he hugged her. If she was shot, it wasn’t so bad that she couldn’t run back to Jack’s car, but still... leaving blood all over the place, including a crime scene, isn’t a good thing.

Nolan had video cameras stationed at the dock, which he was using to keep an eye on Jack. Does he have any cameras on the beach? Speaking of Nolan, he was also in on the knowing-nods between Emily and Satoshi. Any guesses on Nolan's part in that?

Finally, Tyler showed Daniel Emily’s revenge-photo. He now knows something is going on with her. What happened to the picture? And what exactly will he be able to figure out from it?

One answer, dozens of new questions! We have two weeks to wait for the next new episode! What did you think? Are you glad Daniel made it through the episode alive? Who do you think shot Tyler?

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