Things got really interesting tonight on Revenge as Emily wasn’t the only one doing a bit of scheming. So far, she seems to be in control of everything, but how will she handle it if someone throws a wrench in her plans?

Before I forget to mention this, the dress Emily wore to Victoria’s tea-party is quite possibly my favorite thing ever to be worn on this show so far.

Dr. Banks
What I’m loving about Emily’s quest for revenge is the diversity of her victims. At the start of this series, it seemed like she was simply on a warpath to ruin the lives of the people who conspired against her father, however as we’re discovering, each individual person on the list has played their own special role in ruining Amanda and her father’s life.

Tonight, Emily got revenge on Dr. Banks, the psychologist who traded Amanda/Emily’s freedom and childhood to advance her own career. Bribed by Victoria with promises for a better career, Dr. Banks agreed to have Amanda institutionalized as a child. To add insult to emotional and mental injury, Dr. Banks was mean to Amanda and refused to let the child see her father.

Emily took revenge on Dr. Banks by stealing the videos the doctor recorded from everyone’s therapy sessions and adding snippets of them to the video set to play at Victoria’s tea party. She was even smart enough to put a clip of one of her own sessions with the doctor (filled with a year’s worth of fake-confessions based on her fake life) to throw Victoria off her scent.

Victoria was too livid with Dr. Banks for what was revealed from her own therapy session to even consider who was behind the DVD until later. Poor Charlotte was caught in the crossfire of all of this, and got to witness her mother admitting to Dr. Banks in therapy that she wondered if maybe it was a bad idea to have a second child. Granted, it was a passing thought and an honest admission from a woman to her therapist and never meant for her daughter to hear, but try telling that to the teenage girl who’s trying to please her mother and now wishes she was never born.

Victoria and Frank continue to be thick as thieves, between trying to figure out who was sending emails from the senator, and now figuring out who was responsible for the DVD. Ashley might have unknowingly pointed the finger at Emily when she confessed that it was Emily who found the DVD when she thought it was lost. It’s not a lot to go on, but it’s things like this, when added to the other little tidbits of suspicion that will make Emily’s work much trickier, should Victoria resume actively trying to figure Emily out.

As referenced in the introduction above, Tyler seems to have a scheme of his own. Maybe he thinks Emily is an obstacle to allowing him to have his old college friend all to himself, or maybe there’s more to Tyler than we know. If that’s the case, I’m betting Emily knows it. It’s unclear whether or not she’s aware that he’s meddling in her relationship with Daniel, canceling their dinner plans and discouraging the relationship. That could present a problem, but it also could make things really interesting.

It’s hard not to think about the first few minutes of the series whenever Daniel’s on screen. Every time he appears, I think, “He’s going to die.” It’s pretty depressing considering he seems like an OK guy. But I’m also trying to find a way around thinking Emily is directly responsible for what happens to Daniel, which leads me to suspect Tyler, in addition to continuing to distrust Nolan. While Nolan continues to be a bit overly helpful to the point of being nosy, Tyler just seems shady and unlikable.

Declan to the rescue.

Declan seemed surprisingly chipper tonight, considering his father just died. Still, it’s nice to see him and Charlotte continuing to bond. And now that Charlotte feels like an unloved, unwanted child, she could use a good friend.

Lydia and Conrad are back on.
Using the blackmail money Conrad gave her, Lydia got herself a nice little (huge) loft in the city and in between discussing the situation they decided to resume their affair. With Victoria hours away, they should have less trouble on that front, and they have her to thank for it.

Soapy Moment of the Night: This one goes to Lydia for wearing what appeared to be a formal dress while hanging around the museum she calls her new home.

We’ll end this with a quote from Dr. Banks, who, thanks to Emily’s anonymous tip, was freed from the storage container and allowed to resume what’s left of her life. When recording her thoughts about Emily after a recent session, Dr. Banks said:

“The past continues to define her present. She’s given me no reason to believe that it won’t define her future as well.”

Despite the fact that Emily’s been giving Dr. Banks a fake version of her life, the psychologist has managed to get a pretty good read on the girl. Emily’s past certainly does define her present, which is how Dr. Banks ended up in a storage container tonight. Another one down...

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