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There is perhaps no genre that better lends itself to guest stars than crime procedurals. With a linear drama or a sitcom, celebrities popping in run the risk of having to return whenever the character is brought up, but on something like Criminal Minds or Columbo, the famous face can pop in for one crazy episode, murder someone, get offed themselves or wind up falsely accused, and then go about the rest of their career without the slightest obligation to reappear. It’s a one night only gig, and there is perhaps no show on television that makes better use of that star power than Law & Order: SVU.

In the midst of its twelfth season, the show has seen memorable guest performances from dozens of seasoned actors and actresses from Carol Burnett to Bob Saget to Robin Williams and now another big time face is set to join the ranks. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the underrated and graceful Rita Wilson will appear in a May episode in which she’ll clash with the detectives after her teenage son is accused of a vicious crime. Hooray for hands on mothering.

Law & Order: SVU may not be the stalwart it once was for NBC, but it still averages upwards of ten million viewers. Expect a bit of a spike as interest increases for Wilson’s turn in the interrogation room.