Community fans are already celebrating the long-awaited return of the series to NBC slated for March 15th, and now there’s even more good news. We can also look forward to seeing the return of Rob Corddry to the show for the season three finale.

According to EW Rob Corddry has signed on to return in the final episode of the season in the same role he played back in Season 2. Corddry played Alan Connor, who was the law colleague of Jeff Winger and gave him up to the state bar for a questionable law degree. This time around the two will take each other on in Greendale Summer Fun Court, where they’ll hash out the legal status of a sandwich business being fought over by Pierce and Shirley (played by Chevy Chase and Yvette Nicole Brown). Sounds like a serious legal battle.

Also on board to make a repeat appearance on the same episode is John Goodman. All in all, it’s looking like a great way for the show to end the season. The episode will air late in the spring. On the bad news front, there’s still no confirmation regarding a potential Season 4 for Community, which has been on an extended hiatus since the fall. Low ratings in the past have put the series on the unsure list, and unless it returns to better ratings in March we might not see another season. Good reason for Community lovers to tune in en masse come the 15th and bring the ratings up to a place NBC can’t ignore.

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