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During the fifth season of Hell’s Kitchen, contestant Robert Hesse of Quogue, New York had to leave the show due to heart complications. If you caught last night’s premiere for the sixth season of the cooking-competition reality show, then you already know that Robert has been given a second change.

Robert made his departure from the fifth season of the series, not due to poor performance in the kitchen, as is the normal way to be sent packing on that series, but due to a heart condition that made him unfit to continue the season. During last night’s season premiere, when things weren’t going so well for the men’s team, Ramsay went down to the dining area and asked Robert if he wouldn’t mind abandoning his table for a little while and helping the guys out. Afterward, because Robert performed well, Ramsay invited him back to the show as a contestant. Below is a video featuring Robert discussing his return to the show and one of Ramsay talking about why he wanted to see Robert back.