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When it comes to being a hardcore fan, it's not just what or who you love, but how you love it. New Kids on the Block fans are going to be cruising with their fandom, quite literally, as evidenced by the trailer for TVGN's upcoming series Rock This Boat: New Kids on the Block.

TVGN announced today that the eight-episode reality series -- which will follow the die-hard "blockhead" fans who managed to get a ticket for a five-day cruise for the vacation of a lifetime -- has started production. The series will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the voyage, which will involve nearly 3000 passengers, including the New Kids on the Block. The reality show is slated to air this fall.

We learned about Rock This Boat back in April. Thanks to the trailer and TVGN's announcement of the start of production, we now have some specifics on what the series will entail, beyond its focus on the cruise itself and presumably, NKOTB's participation in the event. From the official description, it looks like specifics fans will be showcased during the series:
Multiple groups of fans will be featured during the series, including: a pair of Seattle-based sisters with a room back home devoted to their NKOTB memorabilia and who vow to do anything to get close to the band while on the cruise; an over the top Ohio mother leaving her husband and kids behind for some wild fun in the sun; an excited bride-to-be boarding the cruise with both her fiancé and bridesmaids in tow with the hopes of having her dream wedding officiated by Donnie Wahlberg; and a group of kilt-wearing Scotsmen who are looking forward to setting sail with a boat full of women.

So, someone might actually be getting married on this ship!

On a personal note, I was a fan of NKOTB back in the early 90s during their "Hangin' Tough" days. (Donnie was my favorite.) I didn't hang on to the obsession throughout my adolescence and into my adult years, as many have, but as a fan of many other things, I can appreciate the enthusiasm of the people featured in the trailer. Take away the NKOTB part and add in your own personal obsession and you too may be able to see just how awesome this experience surely is for these fans. It's with that in mind that I'm curious to see how the cruise plays out in this series, and how the participants feel about the whole experience when all is said and done. I also want to see the kilt-wearing Scotsmen.

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