Rockmond Dunbar Headed To Charming For Sons Of Anarchy Season 4

In more Sons of Anarchy casting news, Rockmond Dunbar (Prison Break, Terriers) is headed to Charming. Dunbar is set to play the new Charming sheriff, Eli Roosevelt.

As mentioned a little while ago in another bit of Sons casting news, a recent Tweet by series creator Kurt Sutter indicates that major casting has wrapped up for the new season. We were anticipating news to continue trickling in following the update on Fernanda Andrade playing the role of a “sexy Latina babysitter.” TV Guide got the exclusive on Dunbar signing on to play Charming’s new sheriff. TV Guide indicates that Roosevelt’s reign as sheriff means big changes for SAMCRO.

The motorcycle club had a nice little set-up with their relationship with Chief Unser throughout the previous three seasons. As I understand it, Unser turned a blind eye on most of SAMCRO’s antics (and in some cases, actively participated in keeping them from getting in trouble with the law) in exchange for the club’s assistance in keeping Charming a relatively safe place for people to live. SAMCRO apparently won’t have a similar arrangement with the new "formidable" sheriff, which could make things very interesting (and complicated) in the new season.

Dunbar joining the cast is great news. The former Prison Break star is no stranger to FX. His most recent regular TV gig was on the excellent but unfortunately cancelled Terriers. I can see him playing someone at odds with SAMCRO and I sort of love the idea of a character that opposes them with good intentions. There's definite room for an interesting story there.

Kelly West
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