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There are some things that Ron Swanson probably shouldn't have access to. Among them, one of the big red swiveling chairs featured on The Voice. We got to see what might happen when the Parks and Recreation character got his hands on one of those chairs in a segment that aired during last night's episode of The Voice. Check out the video ahead!

Zap2It shared the clip below, which merges The Voice with Parks and Recreation as Ron Swanson adds a swiveling chair to his office, making it very difficult for anyone to get (and keep) his attention. Voice judge/mentor CeeLo shows up to save the day and offer his mentoring services to one of the characters.

In addition to being a fun bit of cross-promotion, well timed to air during last night's finale of The Voice, it also does everything right. From the dramatic sound the chair makes every time it turns around, to Andy trying to audition to CeeLo's back, to Leslie's preference for Blake or Adam (but not CeeLo), all of it makes me glad I'm a fan of both shows.

I also want to see Ron's functional wooden replica made out of old-growth mahogany. It sounds beautiful and scary all at once.

While The Voice has wrapped up for the season, Parks and Recreation has one more episode to go, and it airs tomorrow night (9:30 p.m. ET on NBC)! For a preview of the Season 4 finale, click here.

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