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Following lineup changes and the restructuring of the series, ABC’s The View hasn’t been the success this season that the network hoped the veteran would be. The early morning show’s ratings have dipped and now it seems like on set problems might be leading popular talk show host Rosie O’Donnell to quit the show (if she doesn’t get fired).

Sources close to the show say O’Donnell has had trouble adjusting to her role on The View. When the talk show host initially appeared on the program back in 2006, she was an outspoken moderator and eventually left the show after causing some waves with comments made about the Iraq War. This time around, her problems purportedly stem from issues she is having with her role. According to TMZ, O’ Donnell is having difficulties with Whoopi Goldberg being the moderator on the series and leading the show. Amusingly, Goldberg actually joined The View when Rosie O’Donnell left initially, and is now the most veteran cast member.

To make matters a little murky, Rosie’s representative says that O’Donnell does understand her new role on the show and knew that Whoopi Goldberg would be moderating when she returned this fall. Whatever the actual problem is, it sounds as if O’Donnell is not having the best time on The View this fall. The rumor mill is even saying having her back next season would be “out of the question.” So, if O’Donnell’s not already looking for a new gig, maybe she should be.

Again, part of the problem could be the ratings. When The View returned this fall, the show was heavily marketed to focus on Goldberg and O’Donnell, since the two are bigger household names than newbies Rosie Perez and Nicole Wallace. With Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell heading up the conversation, the show has focused on harder hitting stories, including Ebola and Isis, instead of on the personal stories of the ladies who host and the celebrities who come to visit. Apparently, ebola talk is not what the audience wants to watch first thing in the morning.

It has shown in the ratings. While CBS' less hard-hitting The Talk has continued to post highs this year, The View hasn’t really posted any gains following the lineup changes.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on ABC’s early morning series, you should already know that O’Donnell and the other two new co-hosts were brought in to fix the ratings. Last season, Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd were kicked off the show thanks to the lackluster ratings they were bringing in. This new cast was expected to fix things. That clearly hasn’t happened, and even if Rosie O’Donnell doesn’t have personal problems with the series, she’s still hasn't been the immediate solution executives were looking for.

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