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With American Horror Story: Asylum close to wrapping up, we're left to wonder what the third season of the horror-drama will bring. From what executive producer Ryan Murphy told the press in a recent Q&A, a modern-day setting (for the most part) and the return of Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, in addition to Jessica Lange , are on the list.

The plot and specific location for American Horror Story's third season have yet to be revealed, however, according to TVLine Peters, Paulson and Lange will return next season for new roles, as well as some new people. Murphy says he's looking to cast "actors Jessica wanted to work with" and some people from Season 1. No specific names were mentioned there, but I'm really hoping Taissa Farmiga and Denis O'Hare are on that list.

Murphy says Peters will "probably go back to playing a sobbing psychopath," which is likely good news to anyone who liked Tate better than Kit. And Lange's character will be a "glamour cat leading lady," which also sounds like something closer to her Season 1 character than Asylum's Sister Jude, who traded her habit for a straight jacket over the course of the season.

Asylum hasn't exactly been heavy on the comedy, but it sounds like Season 3 will incorporate humor in some way. The tone in general is said to be different and with the concept of the third season "more historical in nature." It will be set in modern-day but other time periods and other cities will be involved. And finally, much in the way Asylum has Bloody Face, there will be a "great icon" in Season 3. No details on that were mentioned beyond that it will be a woman.

This is what I love about this series. With each season is a world of dark and twisted possibilities. Rather than the traditional season finale cliffhanger, the end of another season leaves us to wonder what the show will do next. You can read TVLine's full breakdown here. And you can read Nick's recap of last night's episode here.