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Say what you will about Ryan Seacrest, but the man is a harder worker and a talented host. And it looks like he’s continuing to branch out, professionally. The American Idol host, who also hosts E! News and a nationally syndicated radio show On the Air with Ryan Seacrest is headed to NBC to contribute further to network television.

?Per USA Today, Seacrest announced to Matt Lauer today that he’ll be joining NBC, and in particular, helping the Peacock cover the Olympics...
I've worked with the E! network for years and NBC Universal and E! are in the same family. The plan is for me to join the NBC family and continue to have role at the E! network. The first assignment will be to join the primetime team for the Olympics on NBC.

As for whatever rumors there may be about Seacrest taking over Matt Lauer’s job on the Today show, there was some banter about that.

The conversation seems fairly light, with some but minimal awkwardness, and it’s humorous the way Seacrest turns the question around on Lauer, when asked about his interest or possible plans to host Today, Seacrest says:
“I see you doing this for as long as you want to. So, maybe the question is, how long will you be on the Today show. Because fans, and myself included, think you should be here for years to come.”

So Today might be a little while off, though it doesn’t sound like it’s ruled out as a possibility down the line, should the position open up. In the meantime, Seacrest sounds positive about his future as host on American Idol, though he couldn’t make any official announcement on that just yet.

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