Not all of the planned sketches make it onto Saturday Night Live's live episode. Such was the case for this sketch, which has Jay Pharaoh playing President Barack Obama as he addresses the nation in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. From this sketch, it appears Obama is looking to reach out to those who have been affected by the storm - particularly the people in Ohio.

It being election week, all eyes are on the swing states - Ohio in particular. SNL had a little fun with that with a sketch that was recorded during the dress rehearsal but didn't make it into the episode. The fact that it only features Jay Pharaoh (and no one else, including the host Louis C.K.) makes me think this sketch might have been a possible cold-open alternative to the Bloomberg sketch that kicked off the episode. Regardless, it's pretty amusing as it has Pharaoh playing Obama as he attempts to show Ohio just how supportive he is of their state in the wake of the hurricane.

"As I've said, other parts of the country were also affected by this storm. New Jersey and some other places. But until Ohio is back to normal, which should be some time in the middle of next week, I'd like to take this one step at a time."

Louis C.K.'s episode was actually one of the better episodes this season - possibly even the funniest, though there were only a few really great sketches. You can check out the highlights from last Saturday's SNL Here.

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