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Sarah Palin Was Just Dropped By Fox News

If you’ve been watching Fox News recently and wondered why you felt a pronounced absence of former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin, may you wonder no longer. It looks like Palin and the cable news behemoth have once again quietly parted ways, and her days of regularly appearing as a talking head are behind her. Probably, anyway, unless they put another deal on the table in the near future, as they did back in 2013.

According to Deadline, Fox News confirmed that the network and the often controversial political figure said their most recent official goodbyes to one another on June 1. It was apparently an amicable agreement, which is why we haven’t seen any finger-pointing blame games happening over the last three weeks. And you can be certain that someone would have gotten verbal had this cessation had any steam behind it.

Palin hasn’t been used on Fox News much recently because the network apparently doesn’t feel that she is as relevant as she has been over the past decade or so. The timeliness of this decision is seemingly less than optimal, as the wheels are starting to turn for potential presidential candidates hoping to rise to the top of the voting order for the 2016 election. Considering Palin served as John McCain’s Vice Presidential running mate back in 2008, and has been pretty vocal about Barack Obama and other democratic politicians over the years, I’d have figured Fox News would have kept her around for as long as possible. (You can still catch former Clueless star Stacey Dash on her own Fox News show, though, so that’s something.)

Even though she won’t have regular status on the network, there’s nothing stopping Palin from occasionally popping up on certain shows where her opinion is warranted. For instance, she stopped by Hannity on June 8 to complain about the way the mass media has treated the Duggar family following the reveal of son Josh’s teenaged past, during which he molested underage girls. She even takes a shot or two at Fox News’ own Megyn Kelly, which probably didn’t come off too wonderfully. Check it out below.

Those still wanting to see Sarah Palin on a regular basis don’t have to look far. She can be seen on The Sportsman Channel’s Amazing America with Sarah Palin, and she’s also got her own online news network, the Sarah Palin Channel.

Nick Venable

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