Clueless' Stacey Dash Heads To Fox News

In terms of her pop culture relevance, Stacey Dash is likely best associated for playing the role of Cher's BFF Dionne in Clueless. It's a role she reprised when the film was later made into a TV series that -- believe it or not -- ran for three seasons, totaling 62 episodes. Dash has continued acting since then, but her next big role will take a less scripted turn, as the actor has landed a job as a contributor for Fox News.

Deadline says Dash will "offer cultural analysis and commentary across various daytime and primetime programs." So it doesn't sound like Fox News is looking to give her her own program at present, but regular viewers of the news network should expect to see her around.

While it seems like many of the more politically vocal actors in Hollywood tend to lean to the left, Stacey Dash hasn't been shy about showing her support for the Grand Old Party. Here's a Tweet that caught people's attention a few years back when Dash expressed her support for Mitt Romney in the Presidential election:

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And last year, Dash had some opinions to share about Jay-Z and Beyonce's trip to Cuba, Tweeting:

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Suffice it to say, her conservative views should make her a good fit for the typically right-leaning Fox News network. And she's a recognizable face with plenty of experience on camera, which certainly helps. Her recent credits include roles on VH1's Single Ladies and a guest spot in BET's The Game.

Not everyone has reacted favorably to Stacey Dash's new role at Fox News, as you'll see by some of the retweeted Tweets on Dash's official Twitter page. But it'll be interesting to see how she handles the role once she begins making her appearances on Fox News.

Kelly West
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