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See What A Jack Donaghy vs. Ron Swanson Boxing Match Would Look Like

In one corner you have a man who will never be seen without a tuxedo after 6 p.m., who has the sage advice to never go with a hippie to a second location, and who has dated Condoleeza Rice and Isabella Rossellini. In the other corner, you have the man who thinks three friends are sufficient, who cries only at funerals and the Grand Canyon, and who holds special fondness for brown-haired women and breakfast food. Who will come out on top? And for that matter, how could you possibly even know who to bet on?

We may never actually get to see Jack Donaghy of 30 Rock and Ron Swanson of Parks & Recreation boxing, but the next-best thing is happening over at Vulture where artist Jon Defreest has mocked up a poster for the boxing bout that will probably never be. It even includes a self-defense demonstration by Dwight K. Schrute! The entire match, of course, will be aired on Kabletown. Take a look at the fantastic poster.

Will Donaghy's piercing blue eyes slice the bravado right out of Swanson's mustache? Will Swanson call in backup from Tom Haverford, who would inevitably kick Kenneth the Page to the curb? One thing I think is certain-- when the match is over, both men will settle down for scotch and cigars and viewing of Bridge over the River Kwai together, while talking about how much government regulations get in their way. Swanson may think Donaghy is a pampered city boy, and Donaghy may think Swanson is a dim-witted yokel, but no two men this macho can be kept apart forever.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend