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Showtime released the trailer for their upcoming new drama series Shameless and based on the three minutes and fifteen seconds they’ve given us to chew on between now and January, it seems like this show could be a good fit for the network.

Showtime’s been making a name for itself with programming that centers on “messy” characters. Alright, technically Dexter’s not messy. In fact, he once described himself as a “neat monster” but the whole serial-killer thing definitely puts him in morally questionable character department. Looking at this trailer for Shameless, which premieres January 2011, it seems Frank Gallagher, Chicagoan and alcoholic-extraordinaire will fit right in among the likes of Nancy Botwin (Newman), Dexter Morgan, and Jackie Peyton.

William H. Macy’s the biggest draw for me right now, though it looks like this could be the series that puts Emmy Rossum on the map (beyond subpar disaster movies, anyway). She was great in Dare. Hopefully her performance in Shameless is as good as it looks from the trailer.

Shameless premieres Sunday, January 9th at 10pm ET/PT on Showtime.

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