Shark Week Preview: The Great White Invades And Jaws Comes Home

Shark Week 2011 kicks off tomorrow. For those of you prepared to camp out in front of your TVs in the evenings all week, devouring as much shark-related shenanigans as you can, we have a couple of video previews for you, as well as a look at the stickers is offering for check-ins throughout the week.

Discovery will begin their annual tradition of showcasing all things shark tomorrow evening with Great White Invasion at 9 PM e/p, followed by Jaws Comes Home at 10 PM e/p. You can watch previews for both shows below. Discovery has the full Shark Week schedule posted here.

For an “enhanced” Shark Week experience, iPad and iPhone users can find information on the apps Discovery has available as part of their Shark Week Live “interactive co-viewing experience” here. The app offers interactive content, which is programmed to “complement and enhance your Shark Week TV viewing, every night of Shark Week.”

Finally, users who check-in at, you may be awarded one or more of the stickers below.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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