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There's nothing quite like the sound of an inspirational speech delivered by Ian Ziering that includes the words "I've been eaten." Sharknado spoiler alert: He has. It's that kind of life experience that may prove especially useful to the New Yorkers featured in Sharknado 2: The Second One. There's a storm brewing and it's full of sharks! As the trailer advises, forget the umbrella, grab a chainsaw!

This new preview comes weeks ahead of the arrival of the Sharknado sequel, which will bring April (Tara Reid) and Fin (Ian Ziering) to New York, where a new Sharknado is about to tear through the city. One of the previews videos showed some shark terror on the subway, and gave us a peek at Perez Hilton's guest spot. The new trailer offers an even bigger look at the TV movie, and includes a glimpse of another guest star, comedian Andy Dick...

andy dick

Celebrity cameos are great, but we're tuning in for shark madness and all signs point toward there being plenty of that. There's Fin with the chainsaw...


And this dude being swept up into the Sharknado...

Shark storm

And it looks like there will be a shark on fire...

Shark fire

And from what Mark McGrath's Martin is heard saying, it sounds like someone may actually jump the shark. It's a sequel, after all. It's bound to happen.

Sharknado 2: The Second One is set to air on Syfy on Wednesday, July 30, after which we'll have a third film to look forward to.

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