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By the time Season 4 of Sherlock goes from camera to film, it will have been years since PBS has shown the last full season of the world's greatest consulting detective. Thankfully, the lengthy wait between last year's cliffhanger and the next installation is being soothed by a special set in the Victorian era. And as luck would have it, we've got our first look at this classical treat below!

Thanks to the PBS, Sherlock Holmes purists can rejoice as Sherlock has gotten the full-on classic treatment. The costumes, the scenery, even the lighting are all period appropriate and a feast for the eye. Though if you modern Sherlock fans are worried you'll be left out in the cold, you'll be pleased to know that the dialogue has retained a sort of modernity to its wit. Particularly, the criticism of Mrs. Hudson's limited role in the original stories of Dr. Watson is something that suggests it won't merely be dry costume drama on the menu this holiday. Of course, despite the episode's holiday theme, we still don't know exactly when the episode will be released upon the very suspecting public. Instead, we were greeted with the following tease:


Say it with us now: MOFF-AAAAAA-T! In the style of Steven Moffat's classically cheeky show-running style, we're being teased about the wait that we've had to suffer since “His Final Vow” aired on stateside PBS stations last February. However, as if to off set the disappointment in his ambiguity, Moffat went on record at Comic Con today to state that when Sherlock comes back, it's going to come back in a big way. More specifically, he said:
When this special goes out, it will also [air], in selective cinemas around the world, to complement the broadcast.

This could be interesting, as there has traditionally been a delay between the UK and US airings of Sherlock episodes, due to the fact that the BBC airs the episodes in its homeland, while PBS brings the series to US audiences. With the addition of a theatrical release, it sounds like it could be similar to the Doctor Who simulcast for the 50th anniversary special, “The Day Of The Doctor,” in which the episode aired at the same time across multiple countries. Could this mean we'll see the Sherlock special aired in a similar manner as Doctor Who fans have become accustomed to? Executive Producer Sue Vertrue also said the "aim" was to get the show to air at closer times in multiple countries and a theatrical release seems to lend itself to that. We'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, if you're a Sherlock fan looking for an appetizer to further whet your appetite, keep your eyes open for Mr. Holmes starring Sir Ian McKellan. It opens next Friday, and you can see the trailer here.