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The popular British melodrama, Downton Abbey, ended a successful second season run on PBS in the United States last Sunday, pulling in 5.4 million viewers, which equates to the highest numbers PBS has seen since 2009. Despite the success of the Season 2 run in The States, it is easy to forget, ITV has the third season of the show already well underway.

Late last month, TV Blend announced Shirley MacLaine would be joining the cast of Downton Abbey for Season 3. Luckily for us, the 77-year-old new cast member has not kept mum about what she has been experiencing playing Martha Levinson, the countess of Grantham’s mother on the period drama. In fact, MacLaine has spent the month of February tweeting up a storm about her new gig.
Off for wardrobe fittings for DA. Love costumes of period pictures. Wonder how big my bustle will be? :)

MacLaine is no stranger to period pieces, having appered in the Coco Chanel biopic only recently. On the set of Downton Abbey, she seems to have boundless energy, though. According to People, MacLaine has not minded shooting in the rain and has loved the British “humour and temperament,” including that of veteran Downton Abbey actress, Maggie Smith. MacLaine seems to be having the time of her life on the set of the period drama, and while she may not be busting out with the Season 3 spoilers we may all be secretly hoping for, any news that reminds fans of Downton Abbey is undoubtedly good news. So keep feeding us tidbits, MacLaine, to help us get through those lengthy, arduous months leading to a new season.

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