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This spring isn’t just about bringing showers and flowers and shit. It’s about laughter, and algorithms, and men learning how to be men. It’s about Season 2 of HBO’s excellent tech satire Silicon Valley, which dropped its first promo. Grab a messy snack and check it out. Be warned of the foul language and filthy eating habits.
Considering Silicon Valley’s first season was only eight episodes, it feels like it’s been out of our lives forever. However, the sight of Erlich’s incubator house as Danny Brown’s bass-thumpy “Smokin & Drinkin” kicked in brought it all back immediately. The Pied Piper boys are back, and they’re just as unkempt and sulky as ever. Well, except for Jared, whose gangsta drink coaster skills save him from having to clean up after Dinesh. And that’s worth some pride.


There’s no real sense in this trailer of where Season 2 might go, but it’s a nice reminder that Mike Judge won’t be drastically changing these characters very much as their careers move forward (before presumably taking a few steps back). Gilfoyle has a bigger beard, if that counts. And Jimmy O.’s Jian Yang is now a core part of the group, albeit a sleeping part.

But otherwise, the only thing that really needs changing is Erlich’s clothes. As the home’s owner, as well as its official Waker and Baker, Erlich doesn’t give Pied Piper very much by way of brains, but he gives the guys a place to work, live and wash their hair. Just don’t use his conditioner, and be wary of where you stash the artisanal butter. Everybody should get ready for “the Erlich” to take over Halloween costumes and cosplay conventions in the future.


Paired up with Veep, Silicon Valley was half of one of TV’s funniest nights last year, and its hilarity was championed by many critics and fans alike. Even the Emmys were kind in nominations, though the show didn’t actually win anything. Here’s hoping Season 2, which will now star Suzanne Cryer as a much needed female presence, will be just as odd and geeky and weirdly obsessive about masturbation equations.

Silicon Valley will return to HBO on Sunday, April 12.

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