Former Black Eyed Peas singer has recently been jumping into reality programming quite often. In the UK, he’s a judge on The Voice, and now, in the States, he plans to lend his judging excellence to Season 2 of The X Factor. That connection to Simon Cowell may be helping the musician out quite a bit. According to reports, the two are concocting an X Factor spinoff that will focus on innovators in the field of technology.

Tech junkies aren’t often the type of people considered to have the sort of outgoing “it factor” we’ve come to know and love from The X Factor contestants. Stereotypically disheveled wardrobes and steely intellect don’t always put people the most at ease, but luckily the point of “The X Factor for Techs” would be to find the next technology guru, ala Bill Gates. The Sun is reporting, the two recently met in Los Angeles to discuss the possibility of a series.

According to, the project would give people in the populace the chance to use their noggins—and their math and science skills—to create technology opportunities that would help the masses. While appreciates what shows like The Voice and The X Factor do to change people’s lives, he says the X Factor-Tech project would help numerous people.
“Singing and performance create a couple of jobs. But this will create lots.”

The two are clearly in the early stages of the project, and without a live musical performance to showcase each episode, the show would clearly have to come up with a new way to format a show before it came to fruition. Still, the idea is at least interesting, and unlike anything else on TV (Well, there could potentially be faint echoes of something like Shark Tank, but not necessarily). We'll have to wait and see if this actually goes into development at some point.

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