The Simpsons' Matt Groening Has A New Show Coming, Sadly Isn't Futurama Again

By creating The Simpsons, Matt Groening ushered in not just a TV show, but a cultural icon that lives a life of its own outside of television and all over the globe. And then he created Futurama, the relatively perfect mixture of science fiction and comedy that will remain one of the smartest TV programs in existence. And now Groening has a chance to go three for three, as he is currently having conversations with Netflix to develop a new animated series for the streaming service. Is it just me hearing angelic choirs right now?

While there isn’t a whole lot of secrecy going on over on The Simpsons as far as upcoming episodes are concerned, lips are pretty much sealed over what this new series would be about. All signs point to it being a superb piece of television for a good number of seasons.

But if it happens, we’ll probably be getting a lot of it. According to Variety, Netflix is thought to be considering a two-season order right away, a decision that is gaining popularity with certain outlets. Each season would be ten episodes, which is less than one normal season of The Simpsons, but that’s not me complaining. The doubled-up order makes sense from Netflix’s point of view, as it allows for the writing team and the animation studio to get everything worked out in one fell swoop. Plus, the streaming service has a better idea of how production costs will look for the entire run.

Matt Groening’s fingerprints are still always on Simpsons episodes, as well as Futurama, and he’s always around for commentary tracks for both shows, not to mention Comic-Con appearances and running the comic company. Despite that active involvement in his past creations, it didn’t seem likely that Groening would put another new series into action. In 2 months, it’ll be 17 years since Futurama premiered, and what better way to celebrate that anniversary than anticipating a new show?

Netflix is a popular company for its stellar library of kids programming, both licensed stuff and original series, but Matt Groening’s potential comedy wouldn’t be the first adult-skewing animated series streaming on there. One of the streaming service’s early pickups was BoJack Horseman, the surprisingly deep look at a horse finding personal redemption after going from sitcom star to alcoholic burnout, and that show is headed for Season 3. More recently, Netflix gave stand-up standout Bill Burr his own comedy with the hilarious and foul-mouthed F is for Family. Groening’s efforts probably won’t be full of booze and cussing, but that’s hardly necessary.

The Simpsons may only have a few years left, or it might live on forever, and we might get more Futurama one day, and we might not. Any way it goes, no one’s life was ever made worse by having multiple Matt Groening shows coming out at the same time. Please let this come true, Robot Devil!

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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