When considering America's interest in a cappella music, NBC's The Sing-Off may have debuted a few years ahead of its time. The a cappella singing competition series debuted during the holiday season in 2009 and aired for three seasons, before being cancelled. With the recent success of the comedy Pitch Perfect generating new interest and appreciation in all-voices, no instruments music, not to mention NBC's success with The Voice, perhaps it's time for the series to make a comeback. Word is, it's happening!

The Sing-Off had a cappella groups competing against one another in an elimination-style competition. The series was hosted by Nick Lachey, with Ben Folds, Shawn Stockman and Nicole Scherzinger serving as the original judges. Scherzinger was replaced by Sara Bareilles for the third season. EW says NBC is bringing The Sing-Off back for Season 4, noting that the series was never officially cancelled by the network after Season 3 wrapped up.

Casting has already begun for the new season, which EW says will return to its holiday format. That's probably a better fit for a series like this. And with The Voice occupying NBC's viewers' attention in the fall and spring, there's no sense trying to compete with it. There's no official word on whether Lachey, Folds, Stockman or Bareilles will return, but of all of them, I really hope Folds comes back. Not only is he one of my all-time favorite musicians, but he was especially constructive as a judge, offering music advice and helpful suggestions to the contestants and pointing out specific strengths and weaknesses among the group.

Here's Season 1's winning group, Nota:

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