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Sleepy Hollow 3 Is Making Another Change, Get The Details

Following a strong Season 1 start, Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow was a little lackluster, and Fox knows it. Heading into its third season, the supernatural drama has already signed on a new showrunner and a slew of new cast members to replace a bunch of people who exited toward the end of Season 2. Now we know the new season of Sleepy Hollow will feature longtime character Jenny heading in a new direction. Namely, she’s getting a job.

Reports revealed on Friday indicate that Jenny is finally trying to move on from her past and into the future as a regular citizen--you know, just one that takes on evil demons and stuff. Jenny’s life has been rough in a lot of ways; she’s spent time in an asylum for not keeping her mouth shut about the supernatural events she and her sister Abbie witnessed as children. She’s got out of the asylum early in the series, but was still mostly a person on the fringes, helping out Ichabod and Abbie when she could. But now she’s getting a job, and TV Line says the new gig will allow her to help out the team in more effective ways. Go ahead, get excited.

It might seem like a small change, but Jenny getting a job is just another way that Sleepy Hollow has started further examining the details and reworking a show in ways where changes will be obvious, and hopefully more appealing to fans. In addition to giving Jenny more to do, we also know that Sleepy Hollow is adding Shannyn Sossamon as a series regular known as Pandora, and since supernatural stuff is Hollow’s specialty, we’re assuming that a famous box may come into play. Sossamon's character will come into town seeking help from Ichabod and Abbie.

Most importantly, however, Sleepy Hollow wants to be “fun” again. While the show did have its moments during Season 2—especially when a certain karaoke bar was concerned—it was overall a fairly serious endeavor with plenty of plot twists and turns and much higher stakes. Obviously, that didn’t end up going well for characters like Katrina and Henry Parrish/Jeremy Crane, but I think by cutting back on the mythology and essentially rebooting the show, we may get back to the central relationships and goofy humor that made the show so great during the first season. I really wish that Captain Frank Irving was sticking around for it, but after his character’s treatment during Season 2, I guess I really can’t blame him.

Speaking of fun, Sleepy Hollow also has a big crossover episode planned with Fox’s other big Thursday night show, Bones, this season. That episode won’t come for a while, so we don’t have any details regarding how a supernatural show will play into a more scientific one, but we’ll keep you posted as Sleepy Hollow moves forward.

Sleepy Hollow premieres on Thursday, October 1 at 9 p.m. ET, only on Fox. You can check out when the rest of fall TV is hitting the schedule, here.

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