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Every TV season there are a few shows that land on the bubble between cancellation and renewal. This year, one of those shows was Sleepy Hollow, a part- historical, part-supernatural drama that premiered strongly during Season 1 but faltered a bit in the ratings during Season 2. Today, we are pleased to announce that Fox has signed on for Season 3 of Sleepy Hollow. Let the whoops and hollers commence.

So far, we only have a few details regarding the third season of Sleepy Hollow. We do know that the new episodes will explore new challenges and how Ichabod Crane and Lieutenant Abbie Mills’ relationship will evolve. In addition, the network reports that a new showrunner has signed on for Season 3. The new man in charge is The Glades’ Clifton Campell. Mum is still the word on how many episodes Sleepy Hollow will get in its third season; thirteen was the lucky number in Season 1 while Season 2 nabbed 18 episodes.

Today’s renewal is great news for worried fans, however. While the show finished out its second season with a strong time travel story arc, people were overall less into Season 2 than they were into Season 1. Case in point, Season 1 averaged around 8 million total viewers an episode while Season 2 halved those numbers, averaging between 4 and 5 million. It’s not as if this season’s ratings were as dismal as some shows airing on network television, but they also didn’t land the series in the renewal safe zone. Then, showrunner Mark Goffman quit, and that seemed to be another bad sign for the Fox drama.

Spoilers if you haven’t caught up on Sleepy Hollow, yet. But seriously, get on that!

Despite the Season 2 problems, the upcoming third season has a lot going for it. Tom Mison’s Crane and Nicole Beharie’s Mills make for intriguing TV partners, and the show has reset enough to get back to the plotlines that we fell in love with during the early episodes of the drama. Irving is back on track. Crane no longer has to be bothered by the bad-tempered Henry Parrish, who also happens to be his son. And the unlikable Katrina seems to be out of the picture for good, although I wouldn’t mind seeing her in flashbacks. All’s well that ends well, or in this case, all’s well that ends with a Season 3 order.

Sleepy Hollow joins several other programs that have already been renewed over at Fox. Some months back, Fox signed on for new seasons of the DC Comics-based drama Gotham. At the same time, the network renewed the freshman crowd pleaser Empire. Comedies Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons and Brooklyn Nine-Nine will also be seeing new seasons on Fox, while Gracepoint, Mulaney and Red Band Society have been cancelled. You can check out how the other network’s are faring here.

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