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Well, Sleepyheads, we’ve got some good news for everyone who’s stuck with Sleepy Hollow through times good and bad: it just got renewed for Season 4 by FOX.

This comes as quite a bit of a surprise for two reasons. Firstly, the ratings on the supernatural drama were nothing to shout about. According to Deadline, Sleepy Hollow, in Season 3, only managed to gain a place in the all important 18-49 adult demo rating a couple of times, and the season ended with a 0.7 demo and 3 million viewers for the finale. Also? The show killed off one of its main characters when Abbie Mills bit the Pandora’s Box dust, mainly because of star Nicole Beharie’s desire to leave the show behind.

Actually, most fans couldn’t give much of a damn about the ratings. What made Sleepy Hollow so much fun to watch was the mega-magnetic relationship between leads Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie as Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills. The duo became close on the show almost instantly, and the chemistry was certainly obvious from their very first scene together. There was a very good reason that fans of the show shipped an Ichabbie pairing that would see Team Witness headed up by a romantic couple instead of two super close, absolutely dependent on each other friends from different eras.

While the central relationship that the show was founded on is now gone, the finale didn’t just kill the hell out of Abbie Mills and roll the end credits. Sleepy Hollow did actually put some thought into setting up a possible Season 4. After Abbie’s funeral, her dad found Ichabod at her grave site and informed him that he would not be alone in his Witnessing duties for long. Apparently, there always have to be two of them, and when one Witness dies, the next one in line gets called up and is imbued with a bit of the previous Witness’ soul. Sleepy Hollow Season 4 will definitely see Ichabod searching for his new Witness pal.

The Deadline article also notes that while the ratings for Sleepy Hollow weren’t that great, the show had solid gains in viewership from DVR traffic, and was also a profit-maker for sister studio 20th Century Fox TV. The series has strong international sales, likely because of the action/adventure nature of the episodes and so the network was more interested in keeping it around despite audience numbers and the critical hits that the show had taken over the past couple of seasons.

Well, we’ll see what Sleepy Hollow Season 4 will bring when the show debuts sometime during the 2016-2017 television season. Until then, check out our guide for summer TV programming.