Sons Of Anarchy's Blu-Ray Box Set Puts You Right At SAMCRO's Iconic Table

By the time winter rolls around, the smell of motorcycle exhaust will be gone from the air, as Sons of Anarchy’s final season will have finished. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be gone from our lives forever, as 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is unleashing the Sons of Anarchy: The Collector’s Set on Blu-ray and DVD, and it’s got the greatest packaging imaginable. It comes in a kickass small-scale replica of the SAMCRO Reaper table, which the press release says is “perfect to serve as a centerpiece in any true fan’s home.” I don’t know if I’m putting spotlights on this thing, but I’m definitely keeping it at arm’s length and buying myself a gavel.


The set will hit stores on Tuesday, November 11, which may make you say to yourself, “Say, that’s before the Season 7 finale, so how would they do that?” And the answer is, this set doesn’t come with Season 7, though there is a slot for that set to fit into whenever it does get released, which will presumably be next year. It’s rather strange that they wouldn’t just wait until the entire series is available to release all at once, but I guess they’re building upon the excitement surrounding the series’ final season. Easier to get people to drop money on something when it’s fresh on their brains.

But seriously, who’s going to scoff at merely six seasons of the grittiest crime drama on cable? Gemma will smash your face on the side of the box set if she hears any complaints.

Show creator Kurt Sutter has a way of testing fan excitement by declaring he will host an exclusive viewing party for the series finale if the Season 7 ratings for the 18-49 demo are higher than they were for Season 6. The viewing would happen on Tuesday, December 9, and VIP attendees would have a chance to meet the cast and crew and take part in the post-episode series Anarchy Afterword, which streams live on FX’s website. Watch every episode, people!

Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products is also pushing Sons of Anarchy merchandise in time for its final season, including Christopher Golden’s original novel Sons of Anarchy: Bratva, the board game Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem, toys, comic collections clothing and more. Cigars International, who have been in the SAMCRO game for a while now, have put out a “Clubhouse Edition.” These cigars are made from aged tobaccos and wrappers from Ecuador and Nicaragua, and are packaged in mini-gun crates. If only Clay were still around to see them.


Sons of Anarchy returns to FX on Tuesday, September 9. Read our review of the first few episodes here, and get ready for a season full of blood-spurting catastrophes.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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