With two months between now and the return of FX's Sons of Anarchy, we might start to see some more glimpses of the new season. In fact, I recall a really great trailer being revealed at last year's Comic Con in San Diego, which showed us SAMCRO's release from prison. Those who attend the SOA panel this year might be treated to a look at Season 5. We'll have to wait and see what the panel offers. In the meantime, there's no waiting for the very first teaser. It's here! That's the good news. The bad news is, it looks like trouble is ahead, and it weighs a ton.

Set to Dan Auerbach's "Trouble Weighs a Ton," this promotional video (via SOAFanatic.com) puts the SAMCRO men back on their bikes and riding together. Then things take a turn for the worse…

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that we're not supposed to take the above video literally. But even in the metaphoric sense, this situation does not look good. Season 4 left off with Jax assuming leadership of SAMCRO. And now we get a teaser showing Jax riding ahead of the pack. Tara and Gemma are standing in the road ahead. It's obvious that Gemma's trying to stop Jax from riding off the cliff, but it's too late and off he goes.

We could be looking at fear here. Fear on Gemma's part that she won't be able to keep Jax from derailing the club. And fear on Jax's part that he won't be a good leader. Most of all, Gemma seems genuinely worried and determined to stop her son, but it looked like her interference was the very thing that caused Jax to go over the cliff in the first place. A sign of things to come? We'll see!

Sons of Anarchy returns for Season 5 on September 4 on FX.

Here's the info for the SDCC Sons of Anarchy panel:
Sunday, July 15
2:45-3:45 Sons of Anarchy— Get an inside look into the world of FX's highest-rated series ever, with creator Kurt Sutter (The Shield) and stars Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Ron Perlman, Maggie Siff, Kim Coates, Mark Boone Junior, Tommy Flanagan, Theo Rossi,Ryan Hurst, and Dayton Callie. Hall H

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