South Park's Console Wars Continue With A Song Of Ass And Fire: Watch A Clip Here

If you caught last week’s episode of South Park, ”Black Friday”, then you know it ended with a cliffhanger, as the war between Playstation people and Xbox people was just heating up, and winter was coming. Well, winter is still coming and so is Black Friday. “A Song of Ass and Fire” will continue to Game of Thrones theme, as evidenced by the video above, which shows Butters determined to pick that bone he has about the popular HBO series (and the books on which it’s based) by paying George R.R. Martin a visit to find out what happens when the dragons finally show up.

The clip above shows Butters arriving at Martin’s house and being told Martin doesn’t speak to fans. Fortunately for Butters, he’s not a fan. During “Black Friday,” Butters repeatedly griped about the abundance of weiner — especially gay weiner:

Going back to the clip for this week's episode, does it sound like Butters is barking when he says “George Arr-Arr Martin”? And am I the only one that repeated that part of the video numerous times? .

Moving on, we have this still from the episode, which shows what looks like some Game of Thrones cosplay from some of the Playstation 4 people:


Hordes of soulless shoppers approach the mall in anticipation of the Black Friday sales in an all-new episode of “South Park” titled “A Song of Ass and Fire,” premiering Wednesday, November 20 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central. The Console Wars are heating up in South Park. Princess Kenny’s betrayal has left Cartman out for revenge. The kids prepare for an epic battle where one faction’s favorite gaming device will come out on top. Will Stan and Kyle’s friendship survive Black Friday?

If memory serves, Stan is Team Playstation, while Kyle’s actually in agreement with Cartman this time around as they’re both Xbox people. Stan prefers the PS4 controller, while Kyle sees the benefits of Xbox’s seamless transition from gaming to movies and TV. Which console will come out on top? And will Randy manage to survive Black Friday at the mall? Will Butters get to the bottom of this weiner situation with George arr arr Martin? Find out on South Park’s “A Song of Ass and Fire,” airing Wednesday, November 20 at 10:00 p.m. ET on Comedy Central. Watch the full “Black Friday” episode here.

Here's another look back at last Wednesday's episode:

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