Southland Cancelled After Five Seasons

If the CBS pilot Reckless goes to series, they won't have to worry about replacing Shawn Hatosy. The actor took a role alongside Cam Gigandet in Dana Stevens' legal drama Reckless, but it was in second position to his commitments to TNT's Southland. But it looks like that won't be an issue now, as Southland is not being renewed for another season. The cop drama's cancellation comes just weeks after the series aired the final episode of its fifth season.

Southland originally aired on NBC in 2009, but after the Peacock dropped it before the second season, TNT swooped in and picked it up. The series has aired on the cable channel for four seasons, but it looks like it's reached the end of its run. Deadline says TNT has decided not to renew the series for Season 6. There was talk of possibly doing a movie to wrap the story up, but apparently it's not economically feasible.

The bad news is, Southland is over. But we may see some of the cast in other projects soon enough. As mentioned, Hatosy has Reckless at CBS. And Ben McKenzie, who plays Ben Sherman in Southland, is set to star in Advocates. Like Reckless, Advocates is also a legal drama for CBS. McKenzie will play an ex-con who's teamed with Mandy Moore's character, a lawyer as "victim advocates." And Regina King, who plays Detective Lydia Adams in Southland, is set to star in the ABC comedy Divorce: A Love Story. None of these projects have been officially greenlit to series, but then again, none of them have been officially passed over either, so there's hope that at least some of the Southland cast will be back on the small screen soon enough.

Kelly West
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