Throughout its three-season (plus prequel) run, Spartacus has featured some amazing characters with amazing stories and some especially memorable death scenes. In a series as violent and dramatic as this one, death is a near certainty. It's just a matter of when and how. We might go as far as to say that Steven DeKnight's drama has redefined how to write off a character in spectacularly bloody fashion. No one was ever truly safe from carnage on this series.

With the series finale set to air this week, we at TV Blend hoped to pay tribute to the show in some way. What occurred to us during that discussion was that most of our favorite or most memorable moments involved someone dying, as morbid as that may seem. It's a dark realization, but those averse to shows featuring blood and death probably aren't watching Spartacus. The series rarely sends a character to meet the gods without some creatively devised final scene, which - in many cases - honors who that character was and finishes off their story in a grand scene worthy of their place in the show. In some cases, the death in question was just really unforgettable and needed to be mentioned.

While the series finale will likely adds to this list, here are 13 character deaths from Spartacus we won't soon forget, in no particular order.

Spoilers from all four seasons of Spartacus - excluding the series finale. Some bloody, violent images included..

For a character who only appears in one episode, Theokoles is incredibly important to the larger story arc. His death in the arena, a vicious decapitation at the hands of Spartacus, both launches our hero’s legend to the outside world and forever unites him with Crixus. Neither of those things could have been accomplished had the Shadow of Death not been such a physically imposing and terrifying force. His name and his exploits were well known throughout not only Capua but the surrounding areas. He had credibility. He had power, and when Spartacus took his head, he stole quite a bit of it for himself. Even in later seasons, some of the slaves who join Spartacus' cause know him as the Bringer of Rain. Every hero needs a launching pad. Theokoles was Spartacus’ - even if he needed an assist from Crixus, which most people seem to forget about -in order to get off the ground.

Licinia should've stopped laughing.
It seemed like Licinia was to Ilithyia what Ilithyia was to Lucretia. Status is everything among the Romans, and Ilithyia never seemed very comfortable in Licinia's presence, which isn't all that surprising as she was often slighted by the cousin of Marcus Crassus. They were ultimate frenemies, but with Ilithyia, there's a fine line between friend and enemy, and that line crumbled when Lucretia tricked Ilithyia into having sex with Spartacus, instead of Crixus. Lucretia took that even further by allowing Licinia to witness the situation, which would have been a major problem for Ilithyia on numerous levels. Licinia made the mistake of laughing over the ordeal, but Ilithyia didn't think it was very funny. Her rage bubbled over and she promptly attacked Licinia and bashed her face into the marble until there was nothing left. It was gross and horrible and amazingly violent, and it showed just how lethal the women on this series can be, not to mention Ilithyia's demonstrated vicious violent streak, when subjected to humiliation. Stop. Laughing!

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