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If Steven S. DeKnight, Executive Producer of Starz’s upcoming Spartacus prequel series Gods of the Arena isn't exaggerating, we’re going to loveGoA. What’s more, even people who haven’t seen Spartacus: Blood and Sand will be able to follow and enjoy the prequel.

Given how fantastic Blood and Sand’s first season was, Gods of the Arena, the six-episode prequel that follows an earlier time at the House of Batiatus, has a lot to live up to. From the snippets shown in the promo video below, which features DeKnight as he talks about the GoA, I’m thinking we have something really good to look forward to. DeKnight calls the prequel a stand-alone experience, so those of you who haven't gotten around to watching the (excellent) first season of Spartacus: Blood and Sand can still catch the prequel and not need to worry about getting caught up (though I highly recommend you do!).

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena premieres on Starz on Friday, Jan 21st at 10pm et/pt.

Catch the trailer for the series here.

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