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A Spartacus Spinoff Series Could Happen At Starz

As Spartacus fans gear up for the final season of the series, the people behind it are looking at a possible spinoff to follow on its heels. Executive producer on the Starz drama Robert Tapert is in the early stages of development on a project that would focus on Gaius Julius Ceasar, a character who will be introduced Spartacus: War of the Damned.

The spinoff would look at the famed Roman Emperor in his early days, before he became a legend, says Deadline. Australian actor Todd Lasance will play the role in the third Spartacus installment, but whether or not he would be selected to continue in the role if the spinoff becomes a reality, it's far too early in the development stage to speculate on. Ceasar will be portrayed as being involved in the ending of the slave rebellion led by the title character, Spartacus himself, although historically there’s no evidence he was actually a part of it.

A spinoff could be just the right thing for a highly rated series like Spartacus that many are sad to see come to an end. It would be likely to draw in much of the same audience, and with the same people behind it would hopefully live up to its source. While Ceasar has been a much-discussed and often-portrayed man, the decision to focus on his early life would give the show plenty of leeway – and lots of time to work through to his days as Rome’s leader.

Spartacus: War of the Damned premieres January 25th on Starz.