The only son of the Munsters, whose supernatural state seems to bear no DNA reflection of his parents, has been cast for Mockingbird Lane, the NBC reboot of The Munsters. Eddie Munster will be played by Mason Cook. He’s the third of the main characters on the show to be cast, and has yet to have his parents, Lily and Herman.

The eyebrow-raising decision to reboot the cult classic hit The Munsters has definitely gotten NBC plenty of attention. Casting has been one of the toughest areas of convincing critics and the public alike that this might actually be a good idea. So far it’s been a slow casting process, but an impressive one. Eddie Izzard has been cast as Grandpa Munster, and Charity Wakefield as cousin Marilyn, the one normal member of the family – as in, not supernatural. That makes the two cast so far both British.

The kid set to play Eddie Munster, however, is all-American. Deadline says Mason Cook, who has appeared in several movies and television shows already at a young age, has been cast as Eddie. Cook as appeared in Spy Kids 4D and recently did a recurring spot on The Middle. He’ll play young werewolf Eddie, the son of a vampire mother and Frankenstein father who really had very little hope of turning out normal, but apparently isn’t too pleased with it anyway – at least in this new version.

So that leaves the big two to be cast: Lily and Herman. Of the two the biggest challenge may be Lily, but both decisions are sure to be scrutinized. I’m betting we’ll hear more on that front soon enough.

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