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I’m a 31 year old woman (wife and mom), and I don’t think they have a “fan-girl” category, so I pretty much keep my Star Wars fanaticism under wraps. The fact that I now have a 6 year old who is seriously obsessed with Yoda and the Gang, keeps my secret pretty well, ‘cause I just blame it all on him.

He is the reason we have a 16” tall C3PO, and a 12” tall R2D2 – not me. And, I bought him a bunch of Star Wars toys on eBay. And, of course, he is the reason that the new animated series Clone Wars is on my DVD.

So far, we’ve both loved the animated series. Some have said it is a worthless way to capitalize on the toy market, but I think it’s pretty sweet. And with a new episode coming up, we get to see that the Clones are more than just a bunch of Boba Fett Jr’s – they each have their own personality, and that’s kind of been glossed over in the past. They’ve always seemed like mindless, well, clones, who just obey their orders and can’t think for themselves.

“Rookies,” an all-new episode in the hit animated series premiering this Friday, October 24th at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Cartoon Network. This episode will truly be unlike any other. According to a press release, the “essence of the episode was establishing the clones as individual, and the difficulty came in creating unique personalities for each. Ridge credits the combination of Steve Melching’s script, the storyboard artistry of Steward Lee, Bosco Ng and Le Tang, and supervising direction from Dave Filoni in making “Rookies” a fascinating episode of Star Wars-style storytelling – without a Jedi in sight."

It sounds like it will be a great episode – giving the viewers insight into a part of Star Wars that we’ve never seen before.