Star Wars Rebels Reveals New Logo, Concept Art And Ghost Schematics

Star Wars Rebels logo

Earlier this year, we learned that Star Wars: The Clone Wars was being cancelled, but that the animated series would wrap up with bonus content. Then came word that Disney and Lucasfilm has a new animated series on the way, which would air on The Disney Channel. That's an expected shift from Cartoon Network, now that Disney has acquired Lucasfilm. The latest update offers us a look at the logo for Star Wars Rebels, as well as some concept art for the series, which shows a rebel ship crash landing. Check that out below.

Rebel ship

We don't see what takes the ship down, only that it takes a very rough landing onto the surface of that planet. The images above come courtesy of EW, following the grand unveiling at Star Wars Celebration Europe. And those aren't the only two Star Wars Rebels-related images to make their way online. managed to dig up the schematics for a Rebel ship called Ghost, which apparently got quite the applause at Celebration Europe II.

Ghost schematics offers a helpful translation to the schematics, for those who can't read Aurebesh, which is probably most of us. The directions to find the photo were hidden on the Rebels pins that were given away at the panel, and led to under the post "Seen a ghost?" Note the date on the entry: January 5, 1976. Anyone know the significance of that date? It's well ahead of the 1977 release of A New Hope, but some light googling didn't reveal anything specific about that date in particular. Maybe Star Wars fanatics will figure it out. It's also possible the blog entry was just given a very old date so the post didn't show up on the blog's main page, which currently has a number of updates from SWCE 2013, for those who are interested.

Star Wars Rebels is expected to air as a one-hour special on Disney Channel next fall (2014), with a planned series to follow over on Disney XD. So fans still have a while to wait for the series to kick off next year, but at the very least, they now have a look at the logo and some cool art for the anticipated special and series.

While Rebels is set in stone and awaiting an official premiere date, there's also a new hope that we'll see a live-action Star Wars series over on ABC, but we haven't heard any updates on that recently, though ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee did express vague interest in something like that back in January.

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