Sunday night is fit to burst with worth-watching programming right now and the ratings reflect that as premieres for The Borgias and The Killing were both strong, as were the ratings for the controversial miniseries The Kennedys.

According to Deadline, ReelzChannel debuted The Kennedys last night, bringing in 1.9 million viewers between its original and encore airings combined. Meanwhile, Showtime’s The Borgias, which introduced us to a world where popes have mistresses and assassins, and siblings rub noses with each other, took in 1.49 total million viewers combined for both airings of the series premiere.

Finally, AMC’s The Killing had a combined total of 4.7 million viewers between it’s original and encore airing, which makes it the second highest rated series premiere on AMC, behind The Walking Dead. TWD brought in 5.3 million viewers for its premiere back in October, but to be fair, the zombie-centric series is based on a graphic novel, which gave it a built in following from the start and premiered on Halloween, which may be considered an added advantage. If we’re grading on a curve, The Killing’s numbers are impressive considering the competition it was up against last night (including The Country Music Awards).

The abundance of intriguing TV on Sunday nights is presenting a bit of a problem for me as it’s starting to conflict with my current guilty-pleasure reality series Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. Factor in HBO’s upcoming Game of Thrones and I’m going to have to do some serious prioritizing with my TiVo to make sure I stay on top of everything.

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