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As stories of passengers going overboard on cruise ships often cause a media frenzy, it’s no surprise that some network might want to air a movie with a similar theme. And in this case, it’s Lieftime that has greenlit a film about a honeymooner who goes missing on a cruise ship.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lifetime’s upcoming film Deadly Honeymoon will star Summer Glau (Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and Drop Dead Diva’s Chris Carmack as a pair of honeymooners who head off on a 10-day cruise. Things don’t go as planned and after a night of wild partying, infidelity and “strange encounters,” the husband goes missing and is believed to have gone overboard.

As I said earlier, there are stories about things like this happening but the one that came to mind when I read the news about this new movie was the story of George Allan Smith IV, the newly married man who was believed to have been thrown overboard on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship during his honeymoon. The Reporter states that the film is inspired by Smith's story.

As I’m used to seeing Summer Glau playing some variation of a badass chick (thanks to Joss Whedon), it should be interesting to see how she portrays a newlywed with a missing husband.

Filming on Deadly Honeymoon is set to start this fall and the movie should air sometime in 2010.

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