Victory! That should’ve been the title of tonight’s episode. When there’s lots of Lloyd and lots of Drama in an episode of ‘Entourage’, there are automatically going to be a lot of laughs. It takes a special kind of person to work for Ari Gold and Lloyd sure is special. The poor guy is being told to lie to everyone and anyone who asks about Ari setting up his own business. The stress he’s under causes him to break out.

Drama’s under his own stress because of the upcoming audition he has with Ed Burns for a TV Pilot. When Drama stresses out, he doesn’t break out, he just gets angry. He causes a scene in a coffee house when they wont accept his punch-card for a free coffee. Turtle manages to diffuse the situation and get Drama out of the coffee house only to find that the car was towed. They call a cab but arrive to the audition late and it appears as though everyone has left.

Drama returns to the cab and as they drive off, they discuss him maybe going to an anger management support group. Drama’s cell phone rings and its Ed Burns calling to apologize for missing the audition. As it turned out, it didn’t matter that Drama was late because Burns was trying to call and cancel anyway. Burns tells Drama that he was going to give him the role anyway and only wanted to see him to make sure he didn’t age too much. Drama gets off the phone and yells out “Victory!”.

Meanwhile, in Vince-land, he goes to see the director of Queens, Boulevard after finding out that the movie is going to get a wide release. The director shows the movie to Vince and afterwards, Vince agrees with the director that the studio has butchered the movie. It seems that in order to gear the movie to a wider audience, they added color to it and made it more mainstream. The studio explains to Vince that movie-goers don’t prefer black and white and that they’re in the business of making money, etc etc. Vince stands by the director by announcing at a press conference that the movie wont make it to the theaters as long as the studio refuses to put it back to what it was.

This was a great Air episode. Ari gets invited to lunch by Babs, the co-owner of one of the big talent agencies. When he arrives, he finds he’s been set up by Babs for a major confrontation between him and the “five families” (the heads of the major Hollywood talent agencies). They call him out on his plans to start a big agency. Ari attempts to blow off the rumors but he knows the jig is up so he lays it all down on the table. He tells the big wigs that he’s only going after Terrance’s agents and clients. After Ari tells Terrance that he’s using the money from their recent settlement, Terrance replies by telling Ari that he’ll spend $50 million making sure Ari doesn’t see a dime of that money.

Ari leaves the restaurant and calls an emergency meeting of the agents he’s trying to steal from Terrance’s agency. He tells them that he wants to start up the agency today but that none of them will be paid for six months. By this point I’m thinking this is the end of the road for Ari’s dream of running his own mega-agency. That’s when Babs shows up and negotiates with Ari to partner up with him. This will definitely be an interesting partnership but it’s a huge victory for Ari now that he not only has the financial backing he needs to get his business off the ground but he’ll also have a partner with good connections to help get the place up and running.

This was truly a victorious episode. Drama has a real acting gig and Ari’s agency looks like its about to become a reality. And for the second time this season, Vince has stood up against the “rules” of the Hollywood film industry. The big question is, will Vince end up looking like a petulant child for refusing to play ball with the studio execs? Or will his insistence in sticking with what he believes him draw publicity to him and allow him a wider range of roles to choose from?
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