Syfy Brings The Sexy With Canadian Succubus Show Lost Girl

Succubus (noun): a demon assuming female form to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep.

Unless you've boned up (ahem) on your folklore, you could be forgiven for not knowing what the hell a succubus is. As defined above, they were comely demons who ran around seducing hapless gentlemen, sometimes visiting multiple times and schtupping the poor dudes to death. Aside from sounding like an urban legend conjured up by a hopeful pubescent boy, it also sounds like a concept that could conceivably be developed as a TV series. It's just that you would expect that series to air on Cinemax, or possibly on the recently skin-friendly Starz.

There is in fact just such a show, and now American audiences will have the chance to make its acquaintance. EW is reporting that Syfy has acquired the Canadian supernatural series Lost Girl, which is about a young woman named Bo who discovers she is a succubus who feeds on sexual energy when she accidentally pulls a Rogue and succ's her boyfriend to death. Wait, that sounds terrible. I should have said she swallows up his life force. Much better.

Bo is played by Anna Silk, who previously appeared on The Ghost Whisperer and who should really be fighting crime with a name like that. After discovering the truth about herself, Bo soon winds up in the middle of an age-old conflict between the good and evil factions of her kind. Syfy has ordered two seasons of Lost Girl, and you can check out the trailer below, which features weaponry, titillation, and skintight leather. So apparently Bo will be part Buffy Summers, part Xenia Onatopp. Sounds like a winner to me.