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Perhaps spurred on by Lifetime’s Dance Moms, TLC will also get into the tween dance arena. The network plans to take a look at the youngsters who compete in Irish jig dancing competitions. Production begins this week on the program, called Irish Dancing Tweens. Eight episodes have been ordered, which are set to air in the summer of 2012.

Produced by Sirens Media, Irish Dancing Tweens will follow individual competitors at multiple dance schools. According to THR, rehearsals, dance moms, traveling, competition, and strange costumes will all be part of the show. Since Irish jig dancing is practiced around the globe, Irish Dancing Tween will also get a worldwide release after the U.S. airing wraps up. Because, honestly, who wouldn’t want to see a group of kid’s hop around wearing some big wigs?

To supplement its new series, TLC has secured the rights to Susan Bourne’s documentary, Jig. Filmed during last year’s Irish Dancing World Championships, the documentary takes a look at the competitive aspects of Irish dancing in Glasgow. There’s no word yet on when TLC will air the feature, but I’d put money it shows up a little bit before the brand new series. It certainly seems like a good way to pique the interest of TLC watchers. You can check out the trailer for Jig, below.