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After months of waiting fellow BSG fans, we can officially say that it’s on. Tonight’s episode kicked off the celebrity trial of Dr. Gaius Baltar. Amidst the stands for righteous revenge, and justice to be served, some deep secrets have finally been revealed. Both Tigh and Roslyn had their demons thrust into the forefront of the circus that is this trial. Oh yeah, and we now have confirmation of who four of the five final Cylons could be. Yes, as the two-part finale gets under way there are a lot of revelations.

There’s something to be said for the people most vehemently vying for Baltar’s destruction being Cylon. But, we’ll address that in a bit. One thing that I noticed about Baltar’s defense team is what a great group of characters they are. Lee, taking a difficult stand for what he believes is right. Lampkin, proving for the second week in a row that he is the most interesting new character on Galactica. Baltar, each week becoming more complex and interesting to watch. Their fight to try and provide justice where none desires it gets right to the heart of ‘Battlestar Galactica’s’ greatness.

As Romo tells the tribunal, it would be so much easier just to execute Baltar. Ask no questions, just get righteous revenge. That’s a problem for a free society, one in which we demand that justice be served. You cannot throw away the rights of any man, no matter how heinous the crime he’s been charged with. It’d be easier to dispatch Baltar out an airlock, but it would not be just. Nor would such a neatly wrapped conclusion fit this show.

I really feel for Col. Tigh. He’s one of the best characters on the show, and Michael Hogan continually gives a superb performance. Witnessing as he self destructed on the stand was painful to watch. Here’s the thing, and it’s exactly the point that needed to be proven, Col. Tigh has a blind rage towards the Cylons. He blames them for all the misery in his life. By his own admission he would say or do anything to see Baltar die a painful death. Lampkin gets the truth of Ellen’s death from the Colonel. It’s a moment where we simultaneously see the pain it has caused him and the rage that lives in his heart.

Then there is President Roslyn. She has had a tough time of things throughout her term. Baltar signed her execution order, and it would be near impossible for the most forgiving person to let that go. She sees in him everything that is evil and corrupt. Maybe people would have died if she’d been President when the Cylons appeared on New Caprica, but she would have made a stand. It’s amazing how strong she is, yet you do have to wonder if Lampkin was right. Were the remnants of humanity better off having Baltar as their president? His actions quite possibly saved thousands of lives, and it was the exodus along with the battles involved that were responsible for the majority of the 5,000+ lost.

It was Lee’s involvement in the revelation of the President’s secret that severed his tie with his father. Lee, having been close to the President, knew that she had taken kamala during her cancer treatment in season one. He also knew when he smelled her tea earlier in the episode, that she was taking kamala again. It’s interesting that Lampkin called him out on his ideals regarding revealing this information. If he truly wants justice then he should ensure that Roslyn’s credibility is suitably questioned, but if he just wants to stand against daddy then he should do nothing. Lee claims to want justice, but still feels it’s a private matter not related to the case. He cares for and respects Roslyn.

That is until his father, the Admiral and Roslyn’s love interest, speaks his mind. After Lee asks how Roslyn is doing, the Admiral tells his son that after what he did to Tigh he can’t trust him. Lee points out that the Colonel was drunk, and it was his own undoing. Admiral Adama does not believe Lee, accusing him of feeding the information about Ellen’s death to Lampkin. Lee resigns from the military telling his father, “I can not serve under a man who questions my integrity.” To which the Admiral responds, “I do not want an officer who has none.” This prompts Lee to reveal Roslyn’s secret. Of course, a strong case can still be made for him being in the trial only as a way to stand against his father.

So, that’s how Lee ends up cross-examining the President. As she pleads with him to not ask the question she knows is coming, you can see that he has not made the decision lightly. Whether he’s done it for justice or to piss off his father, Lee Apollo has not made light of the situation. He later tells Dualla that in order to make sure Baltar gets a fair trial the credibility of every witness must be questioned. When a man’s life is at stake, everyone must be absolutely sure that he is guilty before condemning him.

Things are certainly looking up for Dr. Baltar. He’s had a solid defense so far, and it’s not surprising that the final vote will be split among the tribunal members. Not only are things going his way in trial, but some members of the fleet have begun to see him as divine. One woman visits his cell and asks Baltar to bless her child. He refuses, saying he is not any type of god. Baltar’s Six tells him that maybe these people know more about his true nature than he can admit to himself. Baltar as a god? Hmmm…yeah that fits perfectly into his perception of himself.

While it plays background to the trial, we also learn that the fleet is only a few jumps to the nebula that will lead them to earth. With things so close they are checking for a Cylon trail, one that is quickly confirmed. Roslyn has a vision of Hera in what appears to be a temple, and when she races Sharon for the child Six gets their first. The President believes Caprica Six would do anything to protect the child from the Cylons, and instructs the Admiral to question her on how they’re being tracked. It’s a task that Tigh performs, but not too admirably. Caprica Six says the Cylons found a unique radiation signature from the fuel ship, and that’s probably how the fleet is being followed. Caprica Six’s Baltar reveals to her that Tigh lost someone dear to him. She uses the information to successfully get under Tigh’s skin. After he’s had enough of her mouth, Tigh smacks the Cylon. Yeah, then in a truly awesome moment she strikes back. I know I’m not the only one he loved that exchange.

Normally I avoid talking about rumors for upcoming episodes, especially one as big as the season finale. But anyone who’s been watching knows that there are five unrevealed Cylon models. In last night’s episode there were four characters who showed a unique connection. Up until the very final moments there were subtle hints that certain characters were hearing a song that no one else could hear.

Tigh was trying to tune in a radio at the bar, and at one point Anders asks him to go back to the song. No one else heard it though. While on the stand the song plays and Tigh bewilders the onlookers by exclaiming the song is playing again. Those two were clearly demonstrated in the episode. But we also see Chief Tyrol walking through the hangar as the song plays and it appears he hears it as well. Tory, president Roslyn’s aide, also hears the song while she’s in the bar. The episode ends with Tigh listening to the wall and yelling that the song is coming from the ship. I can’t even imagine what it will do to Tigh’s psyche if it turns out he is one of the Final Five. He has so much rage built up that it consumes his life, and such a revelation could shake him completely loose.

Thus ends part one of the two-part finale. It’s looking like Baltar has a good chance of being set free. To be honest, while the man has many faults and is indeed guilty of numerous crimes, I don’t believe bowing before insurmountable odds is one worthy of death. He signed the execution warrant at gunpoint, and he surrendered the colonies under great pressure. As far as I can tell, no one has questioned the Cylon’s actions in this regard. They did not need Baltar, but instead chose to use him. It’s almost as if they set him up for this. Exactly how extensive are their plans? What Baltar did are not the actions of a selfless hero, but they are the actions of a realist. His fate will be the tribunal’s to decide, and I can’t wait to find out the verdict.

What did you think of the episode? Is Baltar guilty of the crimes he’s been charged with? Are Tigh, Chief, Anders, and Tori part of the final five Cylons? The Cylon’s have a plan, is all this a part of it?

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