The line between justice and vengeance is a tenuous one. Last night on ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Col Tigh and his Circle pushed that line as far as it can go. The sanctioned tribunal and subsequent executions are really convincing as just, especially with Tigh’s rhetoric about it not being about vengeance. It’s difficult to not hold people accountable for their actions, but there’s a point where doing nothing is a better choice (at least better than throwing people out the launch tube into space). The first three days of the Second Exodus have been filled with a lot of hate, some of it deserved and some not. A rift has occurred on Galactica, with Tigh on one side and Adama on the other.

Poor Jammer, he was a victim of circumstances, which were just too far beyond him. I cannot envision his actions having malicious intent. There is, however, the small problem of being responsible for killing humans (whether it was unintentional is irrelevant). It’s difficult for me to approve of capital punishment when a man tries to do what he believes is right, and messes up monumentally. He deserves a trial and time in the brig. He may even deserve death, but not from a group of six who are full of rage.

Gaeta definitely doesn’t deserve the treatment he receives. This is the man who is, other than Adama, most responsible for their freedom. It was his information that allowed the insurgents to contact Galactica. So, as he was kneeling I wanted him to yell and scream and tell them what he did. To have them beg him for forgiveness for treating a hero with such disdain. Instead, Gaeta mans up and sets his jaw. “What’s the point?” This is what he says when told to talk; he knows it’s useless. Luckily Kara was there to rant and rave at him and reveal to Chief that Gaeta was the informant. Forgiveness for what the Circle has done would be impossible if Gaeta went out the airlock. You could see on all their faces that they knew how close they’d come to going too far. By the way, I’m envisioning Gaeta being the new XO if Tigh and Adama can’t resolve their rift. Not that I think it will happen, but he deserves it.

Could you believe the insubordination shown by Col Tigh to Adama last night? I hope they can resolve that soon, because Tigh as Adama’s right hand man is greatness. He’s been away from The Old Man too long.

Then there’s Kara, who has suffered some obvious emotional trauma from the occupation. Anders also dealt with problems and there’s a huge rift between them. There’s just no way for her husband to know what she’s been through, mainly because Kara won’t share. If there’s any hope for her to accept what happened, she needs her husband to support her. Kara’s desperate demand that Gaeta beg for his life was heart wrenching. She’s turned from her husband, and turned from herself. Not that she can be blamed; essentially she was emotionally raped for months on New Caprica.

The lover’s quarrel between Baltar and Caprica Six is interesting as well. If the Six’s are the seventh vote for his life in a deadlock where 3 Cylon models vote for death and 3 vote for him to live…what about the other models? We know there are 12 models. Is there any particular reason the other five don’t have a vote? Baltar’s at his worst (and best to watch) when he’s trying to be persuasive. Seeing his realization after a faux pas is always priceless, “I should have lead with that.” Telling a woman, “you need me,” is not a good starting point if you’re trying to save your hide.

I doubt I’m the only one who saw real merit in Zarek’s argument that the trials shouldn’t be public, and they allow those who are most enraged to get out their vengeance without disrupting the entire fleet. It’s extreme, but at the same time when Roslin makes her pronouncement at the end of the episode it’s no less extreme. They’re at opposite ends of the spectrum; I just hope this doesn’t impede their growing relationship.

Things are not looking good for the human race. The collective trauma of the occupation isn’t going to be healed in a few days, or by killing those thought to be responsible. It’s going to take time, and strong leadership. At this point, I don’t know that Adama has Tigh’s full respect. Tigh has been through a lot, and lost so much more. The rift between everyone is massive, and if survivol is to continue there needs to be a uniting force. Something that everyone can get behind and help bring people back together.

So what did you think of the episode? Is Roslin’s plan a good one? Will Kara be able to accept her husband’s help? How much more jumping will Lee have to do before the gut is gone?

I’d also like to formally apologize to ‘Battlestar Galactica’ for questioning last week why Roslin sat in the president’s chair when Zarek should have been there. Obviously from this episode they didn’t mess up.

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