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TV Recap: Desperate Housewives - A Spark. To Pierce The Dark

Last week on Desperate Housewives was pretty juicy – or at least that’s what I hear. I missed it, like Celebrity Apprentice, because I was in NYC and my babysitter deleted it from my DVR for some unknown reason. What with the girl-on-girl action, I’m sure it was a good show. This week looks to be even better.

Dave is about to enact his plan to kill Katherine, and if you missed out on why – it’s because Mike was responsible for killing Dave’s first wife and his daughter. From what I hear, though, Edie is going to stop that plan, and probably die in the process.

Gaby is feeling pretty lonely – since Carlos took over Bradley’s company, he is never home, and they never have sex. Gaby tries to seduce him, but when they both realize her memories of sex on the table were not with him, she resorts to begging. With all of the ladies at work, Gaby and Tom start hanging out together. They start bitching, and Tom encourages Gaby to unleash the horny teenager in Carlos. She does her best, and Carlos seems to come around. He then ties her to the bed and goes to sleep.

Orson and Bree are in Orson’s counseling session, and it comes out that Orson is feeling emasculated. Hmm…didn’t Andrew’s boyfriend tell Bree she was going to get that from the men in her life? Well, it’s happened, and Bree decides to sell her company to help him and their marriage. Andrew is appalled that his mom is willing to throw away everything she’s worked so hard to build – for a man that doesn’t care if she is able to do what she loves. Orson is completely rock solid on the fact that he *needs* Bree to do this for HIS recovery. Thank goodness, she stands up to Orson, realizing that she would be nothing but miserable. And Orson threatens that he might start stealing again.

Last week, Carlos hired an old girlfriend to be the bully in his firm. He also hired Lynette – and the two do not get along. The fatty (that’d be the old girlfriend) is a hell-of-a-bitch, and makes sure Lynette is getting the raw end of the deal. Lynette gets her back by letting Carlos’ daughters play with her “figurines”. She screams at the cleaning lady, because she thinks the munchkins belong to her – and Carlos catches her. They have it out, fatty gets fired, and Lynette wins.

Mike, Katherine and Dave are on their camping trip, and Dave’s plan is going well. He and Kat have a little heart to heart, and she has no idea that her death is what he’s talking about that will make him happy. The next morning, Mike & Kat sneak out, and Dave hops out of bed, fully dressed as soon as they are out the door. He runs to his spot, and is all set to shoot – when his cell rings. They think it must be hunters, and head back to the cabin. The trio heads home, and Dave is clearly not happy.

Susan is now teaching, and unfortunately, her ex Carl enrolls his son in her school. The boy, Evan, is a bit angry and draws some crazy pictures. It ends up that his mom left, and he’s not handling it well. Carl apologizes to Susan, saying he knows what he did to her. I just noticed that every time Susan is on the screen, the screen is a little fuzzy. Is she pulling a Diane Sawyer, and putting Vaseline on the camera?

Edie is out of fax paper for the entire episode, and doesn’t get the message that Mike was the guy who accidentally killed Dave’s wife and daughter. When she finally gets the fax, she is ticked. She is waiting for Dave when he arrives home – and she goes off on him. She confronts him, calls him a freak, and wants to know why he hasn’t hurt Mike yet. She calls Mike to tell him the truth, and Dave chokes her. He does not kill her, though, and she runs outside and hops in her car. She is trying to make a call while she’s driving and nearly hits Orson (who was breaking into some old lady’s house). She runs into an electrical box, touches the metal of her car, steps in a puddle and is electrocuted. Will she make it? Tune in next week to find out!!