TV Recap: Entourage - The First Cut Is The Deepest

In tonight’s episode of ‘Entourage,’ titled “The First Cut Is The Deepest,” the boys are back from shooting Medellin in Colombia. After a trip to Italy to unwind, Vince and Eric return to L.A. to see how the progress is going on the film. Drama decides to throw a welcome-back party at his condo and Ari has trouble getting his son into a prestigious private school.

Sorry Ari

Ari and Mrs. Ari learn that their son might not be getting into the same private school their daughter now attends. Both are infuriated by this and considering the fact that they’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars between tuition and donations to the school, they have a right to be. As they’re walking out of the school, Mrs. Ari is so mad that she swears loudly, ignoring the children walking by her. After investigating the issue, Ari goes to the headmaster to try and find out what it is about their son that’s keeping the school from admitting him.

When Ari asks how much money it will take to admit his kid, the headmaster tells him that its not Ari’s son that’s the problem; its Ari. They realize that Ari’s daughter only has four more years at the school and after that they wont have to deal with Ari anymore. If they admit his son, they’ll have another decade or so of putting up with Ari’s constant cell phone-yappiness and generally abrasive attitude. Ari is so upset by this explanation that he promptly walks out of the office, finds his daughter in a classroom and pulls her out, telling her she no longer goes to that school. Somehow I don’t think Mrs. Ari is going to be too pleased with this.

The Welcome-Back Party

Drama plans a big welcome-back party for Vince at his condo. Initially, he had planned for it to be a get-together with no more than 12 people but Turtle’s flier campaign and excessive myspacing ensured that there would be a much bigger turnout for the event. In preparation for this, Drama moved most of his furniture into his bedroom and padlocked the bathroom, lest his porous limestone get peed on.

Throughout the party, Drama wasn’t able to have a good time because he was too worried about his beautiful condo and all of his stuff. After Vince made an appearance then took off, Drama kicked everyone out. The party moved over to Vince’s hotel room where Drama was able to kick back, get drunk and enjoy watching Anthony Michael Hall pee off Vince’s balcony. This resulted in Vince getting booted from the hotel.

More Problems With Medellin

Ari told Vince and Eric that due to the “Gigli Effect,” no respectable filmmaker will hire Vince until after they’ve seen Medellin. Vince and Eric haven’t even seen the movie because Billy refuses to show it to them. Eric tries to talk tough with Billy but that only scares him off even more. They end up chasing him all over L.A. Finally, after Vince’s accountant assures Eric that Vince is in fact, totally broke, Eric appeals to Billy’s answering machine by explaining Vince’s situation to Billy. Billy shows them the movie and while both Eric and Vince tell Billy its great, Eric later admits to Vince that he thinks it sucks.

Things aren’t looking good for Medellin. The project seems to be in more jeopardy of failure than it ever did.

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